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Your views just go to reinforce my belief that fitting helmets (and boots) is a uniquely personal and very subjective thing.

I've had a Nolan N103 for a week now and after putting 490 miles on it...I absolutely love it! It is MUCH quieter than any other modular helmet I've tried, the visibility is great, the optics are excellent, all the moving parts do so smoothly and quietly, and the pinlock system means foggy visors are a thing of the past! For my head I find it to be one of the most comfortable helmets ever. (Right up there with the Shoei Multitec but the chinbar rubs me on that helmet.)

I have experienced zero turbulence even behind big rigs or with my head turned to the side to check approaching cages. Ditto at speeds up to 120mph, which is the fastest I've gone while wearing the N103 so far.

The only improvement I'd like to see is a bit more effective venting. Aside from that, I'd rate it one of the best helmets on the market today.

(Maybe the Italians export only the good units, and keep the seconds for domestic sales..?)
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