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Originally Posted by WestCoaster
UPS says I'll have them on Friday.
Arrived right on time - they look great!

Amusing side note. The instructions say that they've been squashed to make shipping easy, and that you should fill with hot water to allow the bag to 'relax' back to original shape. Ok, cool, I get to play with my new toys, I'm happy. (Damn amazing how much water you can put into one of those 24's! ) Hmmm. Ok, so now I have however many gallons of water in a bag, in the sink. Hmmm. (pondering the mess I'm going to make pouring the water out of a fexible bag that's already the size of the sink.)

The water isn't going away on it's own - they are wonderfully water tight. I know! I'll just zip it up and carry it out side. (zip) Interesting! While the bag is water tight, the top zipper isn't at all! (water seaping out the closed zipper that had compressed the bag, flowing down the side of the bag, on to the counter where the bag was against the edge of the sink.) Ok, so much for not making a mess.

[Note to self, don't pack bag upside down. Try not to dump bike if bag is strapped on and full of ice melt.]

The good news was that once carried outside (and set aside), the hot water was still nice and hot when I remembered to dump it out a few hours later.

Now the more important test... fill with chilled refreshments and enjoy!

Thanks for the great service!
- Jeff

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