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The start

Hey Rob, I had a chance, this morning, to try out the beginning of the 2008 Trans NJ, section 100, 101 and 102. I spent about two hours, and didn't get very close to High Point. Lots of circuitous navigating around Bergen and Passaic.

Couple of notes: The route seems to head right to Ringwood State Park, which has a closed gate, at least on Sundays. Perhaps it's only open to joggers and bicycles on Sunday?

At one point, near Marcella, it goes right through the Boy Scout camp. This won't be very easy to stealth run during the summer, when camp is in full swing.

The rocky section that parallels Clinton Road may be tough on a fully ladened 400 lb. Dual Sport. Challenging for sure. I was a little nervous running it with my SE by myself. With sneakers and jeans! Hope it cools down for your full run. Was hot out there today.
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