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Real de Catorce

Gavin and I rented a car and took Sonia and Guille on a weekend trip to Real de Catorce, an old mining ghost town that is slowly becoming a tourist destination. Unfortunately Christian took a week trip to the Yucatan and Laura had to work. Raul was planning to join us but had to rush back to Mexico City at the last minute.

We left late Friday, spending the night in San Luis Potosí. The state of San Luis Potosí seems to be entirely jungle or desert with nothing inbetween. The capitol city is nice, with giant lush green plazas.

There are two roads into Real de Catorce. One is the "back way", which turned out to be a 4x4 road. Nothing that a Nissan Altima can't handle, right? Please don't tell the rental company.

Between the deteriorating road and the looming rain, we finally turned around and took the traditional route in. Gavin and I must come back with motorcycles.

The entrance to Real de Catorce goes through a one-lane tunnel at least a mile long:

We found a cute hotel, ate delicious food, and settled in for the rainy evening.

Sunday morning we hiked to the "ghost town" above Real de Catorce proper, where most of the mining occurred.

Amazingly, the only damage to the car happened after we got back to Guanajuato. I parked the car on a steep dirt slope for the night, and some joker moved a large rock just under the bumper. I backed up pretty far before realizing the nasty sounds were more than just the rough terrain:

Hurray for damage wavers
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