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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal
Hey Joseph, nice ride report. You gonna make it up north at all this year? It stopped snowing Tuesday, so heck, you're good to go.

Snow? Snow? What the heck is "snow"???

Seriously tho - wow! Did it stick?

After spending a coupla weeks in the 107 degree heat of the Bitterroot last summer, I'm thinking of heading for Death Valley where it's cooler

I was planning to head for Alaska this summer by way of Montana but it looks like work won't allow it this year. Still hoping to get a couple weeks of time to swing back that way - maybe through Monument Valley and Moab then north to your country and back down through Colorado...

Was thinking about you just the other day - a couple of friends are enticing me to get a 4 wheeler but I dunno... was gonna get your opinion on a good one...

Good to hear from ya and hope the family's doin great!
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