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Just got mine back with the full remus freeride system.... wow! It is like someone fed it a red bull! I am very supprised at the difference a simple exhaust system makes on this bike. I am going to add a K&N filter, i'm sure it will help a bit more but very little in the way of noticeability at this point just easier for me to clean etc.

It is loud though. I like it better because the stock exhaust was impossible to hear on a highway or going fast down a "main" road. It was hard to hear how hard it was working to stay at those speeds. I had it out today and drove 20 miles to start the ride and did 75+ the whole way and it wasn't even working.

I love it ! The plus's greatly outway the sound which is similar to a yz / cr / rm 450 with a pipe. In the woods when you are just goosing it around it is not that bad.

It is only abnoxious when you really pour it on

A couple of my friends who have ridden the bike before/after also can't believe the throttle response and pep it added.

Get it you won't regret it !
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