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Remember what I said about riding up stairs?

Oops. Recent KTM rims (on post-2003 640s, 950s, and 990s) are notoriously soft and prone to denting. I had a half-dozen significant dents already from the ride across Baja, but this one is big enough that I'm finally worried.

This dent happened with full street pressure. The problem is that my gearing is too tall; I can't creep up stairs without stalling the bike, so I had to hit the stairs with a little speed. As I write this, my motorcycle is in Mexico City receiving a new 15-tooth front sprocket (down from 16). Hopefully I will now be able to loft the frontend a little with the throttle. They're also fixing the rim - the tires have tubes so the risk of slipping the bead is minimal, but I'd like to be able to drop to 18psi without wondering if it will hold.
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