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Mexico City Never Gets Old

It came time to leave Guanajuato and head back to Mexico City to meet Christian, who was flying back from Yucatan. Gavin and I didn't want to leave Sonia and Guille... we bought them motorcycle gear and took them with us

Laura got a ride in a car and brought Gavin's luggage. I rode with all my gear, plus Guille, plus her backpack, once again reminding me that a 640Adv is far too small to ride 2-up for any distance. I either need a 990 or a girlfriend with her own motorcycle

Reunited, it was back to triple-date mode! We stayed in the Zona Rosa but ate most of our meals in La Condesa, where there are hundreds of upscale restaurants. The food in Mexico City is great. Not terribly cheap, but great nevertheless. There is plenty of decent-to-good wine available, too - but it costs.

I finally found good sushi! This place in the Zona Rosa was pretty good, even by San Francisco standards:

A random picture from a nice dinner:

The food at that restaurant wasn't particularly notable, but this was the view:

Raul joined us!

We spent a night in a bar in the Zona Rosa listening to Mario, a friend of Guille and Laura, play trova. He was quite good.

Random shot of Gavin and Sonia:

While we sitting at this bar in the Zona Rosa (the gay district, btw), three rednecks from Florida tried to - I couldn't believe this - gaybash us. They sat down next to our group and started calling us "gay" in a way that indicated they thought this was some sort of clever insult. Why they chose four fairly well-built guys and their girlfriends for this activity I have no idea, but they were clearly looking to have their asses handed to them. They left before it escalated beyond verbal sparring.

This was the funniest store I saw in Mexico City:

A picture of us at the end of the weekend, when Laura was getting a ride back to Guanajuato. Christian got on a plane to return to Australia a couple days later...

... but not before we went to Lucha Libre! Sadly, they wouldn't let me take a camera inside so I have no pictures except outside:

I dropped by bike off at Motoaltavista for some repair work (sprocket change, fix the front rim, flush the hydraulic clutch, oil change). Unfortunately the shop has a backlog and as I write this (three weeks later) I still don't have it back. This is causing me some distress because the bike's visa expires in exactly ten days. However, it means I had a fair amount of time to explore Mexico City.

A beer hall!

...with this, a wheat beer brewed in Mexico! Yes, despite the fact that the label looks German.

We went looking for karaoke late one night. Everything was closed. This was a neat looking place, though:


We found a Mardi-Gras-themed bar called Bar Zydeco:

And next to it is an Irish pub. We drank Guiness and made some new friends. This guy (we were told) was a famous soccer star:

This is the *best* torta in Mexico City. Actually this is half of the best torta in Mexico City. You don't want to see the other half. It comes from a little stand at the San Antonio metro station (near the Motoaltavista shop).

I've now spent about a month in Mexico City, if you were to add up the days. I'm starting to feel like a local. I know how to get around on foot and by metro and even by vehicle. I have a set of favorite restaurants and know where to go to find the cool obscure shops. I know where most of the colonias are and I've even decyphered many of the labyrinthine freeway intersections. I like this place. It's crazy big and relatively expensive and traffic sucks, but I would enjoy living here. There's great food, fun people, a cab ride across town costs a couple bucks, and the list of things to do on a weekend is staggering.
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