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Back in the Saddle Again . . . Monticello to Moab

After a few days of trying to get my Post TAT Ride life back into a semblance of order, I'll start back up with the more detailed ride report.

DISCLAIMER: You may have seen some of these pictures before, but since they are really good photos, you'll probably forgive me!

Dawn came early in Monticello on Saturday morning. When I first looked out the window at about 4:30, the parking lot was wet - glad we had slipped our bikes up on the sidewalk next to the rooms under the overhang.

I tried to go back to sleep for a bit, but the adrenline was pumping too hard for such things. I was not the only one.

Everyone finally got organized, packed, ate some grub,

(quite the motley looking crew - even after a shower!) and lined up for the obligatory pre-launch picture.

Left to Right: Robert - KTM 625, Dman - DT400, DEET - RT1 360 Superbike, Makotosun - DT400, Nick - Chase Truck, Joe - RT1 360, Vinnie - DT400

All the bikes fired, and we hit the trail taking US 191 north towards Moab and the hookup with the TAT. Turn East at North Long Drive and we are on Gravel. Get used to it. There is gonna be a LOT of this stuff coming.

Our initial goal is in the distance - The Lasalle Mt. Range.

Joe had a problem staying on the road . . .

And Vinnie takes a long drag off his Oklahoma Bottled Water before moving on.

As we get a bit closer, we approach the little town of Lasalle (wonder where that came from ) via Copper Well Road and Highway 46. We were a little concerned about fuel at this point as one of our members had forgotten to top off his main tank and had to hit one of the Kolpin's halfway to this point. Luckily, there was a neat little store and station next to the post office where we met up with Nick in the chase truck.

The pump was a kick as it was one of the old manual types, didn't take CCards, but still did a nice job of topping up the old girls.

We ran into a group of half a dozen large street bikes out for the day, and needless to say, we raised a few eyebrows.

After the stop it was back up the side of the mountain, looking for the pass that we hoped would take us to Moab, via this baby.

For some reason that escapes rational explanation, Vinnie decides that the fairly nice, gravelled, fire road we are travelling is simply not challenging enough for the boys, so he decides to deflower anyone who might be some sort of "Poser" on the trip. Dman, after watching the rest of us fishtail like some drunken teenagers after a prom, decides to go up the road. We soon discover he was the smart one.

I don't have a lot of pictures of the next little section, because I was holding onto my handlebars for dear life! It was basically wet rocks, mud, some snow, a few downed trees, and melting permafrost if you got off the trail! When I did get to take a breather I got to snap a few shots.

Doesn't look like much, but is was slicker than snot and filled with loose rocks.

You discover quickly on this type of trip who your friends are. There you are, up to your elbows in muck, stuck in a rut, and before assisting you, your buddy yells, "Hold it right there, I gotta get a picture . . ."

It happened on more than one occasion that day:

After extricating ourselves from this fine kettle of fish, we get back to the nice road that Dave had decided to take instead of the goat trail. Note to self, If you have a choice of following Vinnie or a VW - learn some German!

Much like a sophmore realizing his advances would never get past second base, we headed back down the mountain to LaSalle planning on dropping down around the south end of the LaSalle Range and going up the back roads on the western slope. Turned out the re-route was probably at least as much fun as the original!

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