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A few from yesterday:
I rode up High Mountain Road to meet the CEDRIC FFs in Pozo.
Along the way, a couple of the houses in the Lopez Lake area I know they may have missed.

Lopez Lake itself

Damn sign.

....and High Mountain Road begins. Truly, I just don't see the big deal. This is nice.

So, the first half of it from the south, is reaonably well...okay at least somewhat maintained.

Recent gradings made it loose but survivable (for someone who has no real skill on a motorcycle like myself)
Then I came to this little gate aparatus.

The sign on the right, if you read it carefully, says that you are riding off the end of the earth...that is to say riding onto very crappy (IMHO) "road". Just past that cattle guard the road dropped of into a severe drainage canal that hasn't been worked on in more than two years. Nasty.
Between the call of the beer at Pozo and my own riding "skill" level, I never stopped again to take pics as I was too busy hanging on and marveling at the bike's ability to go over stuff I was unable to steer it around.
Welcome to the Pozo Saloon.

H8tChains met me out front and took me to this. Very nice.

Bob bought such a big beer he was actually sharing it with others.
A couple other familiar faces.

(Now if you look carefully, you can see now two of those giant beers on the table. Apparently, everyone was in a significant state of dehydration)
Mike mentioned he likes his new Suzuki less than he did is probably because there is now less of it to like.

...and somehow this happened.

I would like it less too.
And then it was time to leave. Beautiful down town Pozo.

Dave's bike (airhead) is a beauty but rather unique. He had to explain it to me but it's apparently been quite the project.

Mike made a run south the long (but paved) way home and I rode aong in support....and because I didn't think I would get lucky twice in a row on HMR. I may be a wus but I think I made the right choice. I'm still sore today.
Lone CEDRIC rider heading for the barn.

And suddenly, it's cold again.

Thanks for letting me be a (small) part of this amazing ride. The guys who are doing all the off-road bits are going to be knackered tonight but my hat is off to them. Friggin' maniacs. Looking forward to the rest of the pics.
Mike, I hope you are feeling better. Good to meet you FFs.
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