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Originally Posted by fatherof4
I just picked up a 1977 XT500 with 7300 miles for $200. It had been sitting for 8 yrs.

Cleaned the carb and put a tube in the back tire and it fired right up. I took it out last weekend for a short in-town ride and seems to run alright and it didn't smoke. The tires are to dry rotted to risk any distance or speed.

I should have new tires for it in a couple days.

What I am looking for is any suggestion on gearing this bike. I have to buy chain and sprockets so I only want to buy one set.

This wil be my primary form of transportation to work so it will see some highway riding. Mostly it will be rode to work and some forest service roads.

I have had bikes from a z50 to a kz1100 but this is my first XT.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
been riding my 79 on streets. i chose 42/16 gearing, stock is 44/16
its still pretty short, dont know if you can fit a 17, but if possible, thats the ticket. mine will run at 65+ without working too hard, but feels better under that. another tip, move the forks up (drop the front of the bike) for better steering. i'll be making mine back into an enduro this summer, miss the trails
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