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Originally Posted by Lornce
I didn't know either. They don't advertise them on their website so I called and learned they occasionaly build small batches if they have enough demand.

I really can't say enough about them. There's NOThing out there to compare with this sort of build quality. The closer you look at them the more you'll appreciate the thought and experience and effort that's gone into them.

The spring racks to secure loads inside the lids are a perfect example: a clever idea executed in a simple fuctional manner that'll work for years. The hinges and latches are similarly original and clever - and robust.

I like this stuff.

Nice bags and I am impressed at the speed with which you are tackling this project. Owning a PD myself I am really enjoying this thread.

BTW - I got some of the "old school" Jesse bags a few years ago. Your have some of the nice updates but paying 650 for a blemished set was right on!

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