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Originally Posted by stormsearcher
narrowed my choices to the dr or the wr250r.has anybody owned both ?can you pls post your feedback.

the dr-cheaper to buy but needs mods like forks/jetkit/handlebars etc.-jetting/tuning

the wr-needs an aftermarket pipe like the FMFq4-/no jetting nothing/

the dr ends up to be as expensive as the wr.
wr on daily commute returns about 25kmpl/
wr does trail very well/and commutes with ease.can be a bit of hoon toy as well
whats the max speed of the dr?what is comfortable cruising speed?

any feedback from owners or riders who have had both bikes very welcome. cheers

Bone stock, the DR is good for 100 mph or so, and mine likes to cruise around 80 mph, and will do it all day. Fuel mileage will suffer at that pace, however. The stock tank only holds 3.4 gallons, so range is a factor, but the aftermarket can address that, too.
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