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Originally Posted by stormsearcher
test rode the wr. found it a scream. nimble,great performer,fast.great suspension.etc.-also i like FI and new last 4 bikes(1vfr800,3xgsxr1000)all had FI.cant do the carbies anymore.

the tenere 3aj dakar version was one of my fav bikes. a bit heavy.

the reason i like the wr is i can take it to more hardcore dirt roads,trails,jump it over logs etc.

the dr seems to need a lot of work on forks,carb jetting,tuning etc.
i am only 65kgs.and i want to hoon. my dailly commute will be tight twisty bumpy tramac.basically dirt roads with tarmac on them
If you only weight 65Kg then you probably won't need suspension work on the DR unless you are doing some serious trail riding. The Carb jetting/tuning doesn't really change the power available but more the throttle response and again may not be needed. If you go with the jetting and preliminary carb work (air box mods and the like) the cost is pretty minimial (less then $100). One consideration is the DR will probably be more stable on the highway in cross winds or gusty wind conditions. About the only real requirements for the DR would be a skid plate (if you want to do a lot of off road), possibly a seat, and maybe a larger fuel tank (which can be worked around by carrying extra fuel).
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