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Thank you all!

Before continuing I would like to thank my Dad for his help in planning our route and transferring it to the Zumo.

Day two, 01.06.08, from Lvov to Kiev

We woke up early and met with Oleg in front of our hostel. It was time to take some pictures of old city and go to breakfast.

Oleg told us that there is scene in LWR when Charlie and Ewan are pushing their bikes in hotel reception. Scene was shot in Lvov in front of George Hotel, so we can’t miss opportunity to took some photographs of that “historic” place. Frankly, I can’t remember the scene and don’t have DVDs at hand.

More photographs of the old part of the city.

After breakfast we parted ways with Oleg and headed towards Kiev. Oleg, Thank you!

Well, it was time to be stopped by police. We knew that we can be stopped anytime, and that policeman will demand small bribes. That is exactly what happened. They told us that we were speeding, driving 72 in 50 km/h zone. We didn’t see any sign, and actually we were driving faster than 72. Our strategy is drive like locals and this was exactly what we were doing. One more explanation, we Croatians are Slavs like Ukrainians and Russians so we understand each other quite well. After some negotiations we paid 20$ and were able to continue. We were stopped once more that day, but Linza managed to negotiate 10$ “donation”, we were getting better. Maybe it sound strange to some of you, but this is way it goes.

We met those friendly guys who were working at gas station. In Ukraine and Russia you have to pay for your petrol in advance. It took us some time, but after few stops we were able to determine how many liters we need. Good thing is that petrol price in Ukraine is 0,83 Euro/l.

This was first piece of military hardware on display along the road. As we found out it is quite common in Russia and Ukraine.

Another one.

Driving was completely crazy and we came from part of the world where drives had really bad reputation, so this was serious. Roads are generally in bad condition, and there is some reconstruction going on. There was enormous traffic jam in front of Kiev. As we latter found out, there was truck driver strike because of diesel prices. It was one of the most chaotic traffic scenes I ever witnessed.

Oleg's friend Sasha was waiting for us in Kiev. He rented a flat for us in northern part of the city.

Sasa’s Skoda, unfortunately we didn’t have pictures of all of us together.

It was late, so Kaso cooked us a fine dinner, and we agreed that we will visit center of the city first thing in the morning.

To be continued…
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