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Well I have a lot of saddle time on both so I guess I can throw in my 2cents. I owned a 2006 DR and currently ride a 2008 WRR.

The DR: Heavy, slow and gutless stock. The upside to this is with a jet kit, K&N filter, cut top of air box and one tooth smaller on the CS (all for under $200) it now becomes a heavy, torquey, poorly suspended dual sport that is quite capable on road and very good on gravel/ dirt roads. Tight trails are doable but this is where the suspension and weight kill the fun. Most of the suspension woes are in the forks and I've heard cartrige emulators make them worlds better (I sold it before going that far). The DR will cruise 120kph without feeling like it is stressed at all even after dropping the CS sprocket one tooth. Overall I would rate it 7 out of 10 as a dual sport.

The WRR: Flickable, needs to be revved, very good suspension. Really it is quite good without any mods if you learn how to ride it or revert back to your youth when you had that 125 MX bike that went everywhere. Suspension is very good but comes soft for a 160lb man, the good news is that it can be dialed in with the clickers. Transmission is a smooth shifting well spaced affair that has everything from a super low 1st to an awsome overdrive 6th that will still pull me up hills. The best part of this bike is the fuel injection, it always gives the perfect metering of fuel in every situation. Tight trails are easily done at a slow pace but the bike rattles a lot at a race pace (this is not a race bike) due to the street legal equipment. Highway cruising at 120kph is no problem and the bike is hardly revving. Fuel tank is a little small but of course the bigger the tank the more top heavy it will be and right now it is perfectly balanced. Overall I would rate it a 9 out of 10 for a dual sport.

Note: if a Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki made a 400/450 version of THIS bike it would be a 10.
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