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What kind of power upgrades do you all expect will be available for the WR250R? If you alter the exhaust and airbox, will you need a Power Commander or something like it? It's already high compression, and I don't imagine I would want to up the compression.

What about bore and stroke? I'm thinking of the KLX250S and the available upgrades (300 cc, simple swap from a KLX300; 331cc) and the DR350 (all sorts of options: 360, 385, 435, 441, and maybe a few others).

Motorcycle Consumer News did a review of the WR250X. It's noticabely slower than the DR650 they reviewed at a different time (weather conditions might be a factor--and their race times are corrected):

DR650SE: 0-60 5.66 seconds; 0-1/4 mile 14.30 seconds (at 85.11 mph); top speed 94.8 mph; Power-to-weight ratio 1:10.34; dyno 35.6 max hp and 33.3 max torque; wet weight 368 lbs.; bore/stroke 100.0mm x 82.0mm; compression 9.5:1

WR250X: 0-60 7.69 seconds; 0-1/4 mile 15.75 seconds (at 77.40 mph); top speed 88.5 mph; Power-to-weight ratio 1:11.15; dyno 26.8 max hp and 16.4 max torque; wet weight 300.5 lbs.; bore/stroke 77.0mm x 53.6mm; compression 11.8:1

Even with the supermoto rear tire, the WR250 is slower. But that is with an expert wringing all he can from each bike, with drag-race style launches. Maybe in real-world riding, excepting a quick launch, the WR250 will be nearly as fast as a DR650--if you keep the revs up???

Also, can the WR250R run okay on regular gas? The Motorcycle Consumer News review says it calls for premium.
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