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Originally Posted by Dirtgrain
What kind of power upgrades do you all expect will be available for the WR250R? If you alter the exhaust and airbox, will you need a Power Commander or something like it? It's already high compression, and I don't imagine I would want to up the compression.
The WRR and WRX are new bikes and hop up kits are still in testing. Someone on added a pipe and opened the airbox flapper and got 32 hp and 20 fp of torque. There is now a PowerCommander for it but very few maps as yet. Another company is just starting on cams that won't require any other mods.

Originally Posted by Dirtgrain
What about bore and stroke? I'm thinking of the KLX250S and the available upgrades (300 cc, simple swap from a KLX300; 331cc) and the DR350 (all sorts of options: 360, 385, 435, 441, and maybe a few others).
Haven't read anything yet. Most owners like the power of the stock bike (unlike the KLX) so I don't expect a lot of stroker kits.

Originally Posted by Dirtgrain
Motorcycle Consumer News did a review of the WR250X. It's noticabely slower than the DR650 they reviewed at a different time (weather conditions might be a factor--and their race times are corrected):
You're comparing a 250 and a 650, what do you expect? The WR has little power on the bttom but gets going once the revs are up.

Originally Posted by Dirtgrain
Also, can the WR250R run okay on regular gas? The Motorcycle Consumer News review says it calls for premium.
Don't know. Here in Colorado all bikes run fine on regular or mid grade, but that's just due to the elevation.
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