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Originally Posted by Stagehand
I was looking forward to seeing actual mechanics being done here, although you tell a fine yarn Pics are great.
I hadn't been aware that you farmed the work out. I'll have to dig up your thread and review it.

What part of the "mechanics" of the project were you hoping to gain more insight into? It's hard to know what to include and what to gloss over. And it's hard to take pics when you're hands are covered in oil and grunge.

Anyhow, the new cam's installed along with new big end bearings, cylinders and seals/gaskets throughout. Valve guides were still good so a clean up and light lapping was all that was required to the valves, and decarbonization of heads and piston crowns. I've tried to include handy home remedies to work around the requirement for "official factory tools" etc.

Happy to answer questions about anything I might have glossed over.

One concern I still have is the oil filter canister which is nearly 5mm deep. From everything I've read it's supposed to be closer to 3mm. Early on in it's life when the machine was quite new it's oil pump and big end bearings were replaced under warranty after concerns over low oil pressure. I've seen the old oil pump parts and there's nothing wrong with them.

I suspect the only reason it's lasted this long has been because of it's attention to maintenance and relatively tame existence for the first 200k kms. It was ridden quite gently by the original owner.

Since I've owned it it's never felt quite right at higher engine revs. I've never has an oil pressure guage on it, but the evidence in the oil filter cannister leads me to suspect it may bypass at higher revs.

Either way I'm going to need to shim the oil filter o-ring to suit.

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