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Originally Posted by Lornce
One concern I still have is the oil filter canister which is nearly 5mm deep. From everything I've read it's supposed to be closer to 3mm. Early on in it's life when the machine was quite new it's oil pump and big end bearings were replaced under warranty after concerns over low oil pressure. I've seen the old oil pump parts and there's nothing wrong with them.
The canisters were set at varying depths by the factory added to the fact that if they were not sunk completely than they can move over time-- By judicious use of a caliper Anton has worked out a shim to control the canister insertion depth. When he was working on mine he installed a shim and then the can so that I no longer need a metal shim or a paper gasket. I now use 1 white o-ring and nothing else.

Here's a link to his stuff:

I'll figure out some questions.
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