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Originally Posted by Dirtgrain
Motorcycle Consumer News:

DR650SE: 0-60 5.66 seconds; 0-1/4 mile 14.30 seconds (at 85.11 mph); top speed 94.8 mph; dyno 35.6 max hp and 33.3 max torque; wet weight 368 lbs.

WR250X: 0-60 7.69 seconds; 0-1/4 mile 15.75 seconds (at 77.40 mph); top speed 88.5 mph; dyno 26.8 max hp and 16.4 max torque; wet weight 300.5 lbs.
Thanks for posting those numbers Dirtgrain. Sounds about like what I would have expected. The owners over on Thumpertalk are complaining about ridiculously optimistic speedometer readings, so I'm encouraged that the X would actually do a measured 88 mph.

If I bought a WRR I think my first engine mod would be the Power Commander to remap the fuel injection.
$300, easily removeable, eliminates the worry about running EPA lean, no change in noise, and you'd have something in place to get the most out of any changes to intake or exhaust.

This engine is so far oversquare that I doubt anybody will try to bore it. I do expect stroker kits, because a longer stroke would do exactly what some people seem to want, which is move the whole powerband down about 2000 rpm lower in the rev band. On the other hand, tearing a brand new engine down all the way to the bottom and replacing a perfectly good crank and connecting rod assembly only makes sense if you don't believe Yamaha or one of the other manufacturers will do it for you in the next year or two.
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