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Jack's was closed, and these guys already waiting across the street on time

Bruce and Dunerat

As promised, picture of Dunerat and his "before" condition. Brent, his all yours now....

Now I realize why the 2 FFs prefer hanging out in front of 7-11

I think our boys are just too shy for these girls

You sick asses, if you didn't see what you're looking for, here's one for you

Before this thread starts to compete with Striking Viking's,,
we better ride on, beside Mr.Punk will be waiting for us.

FMFPunk was on time, right behind us. Thought I saw him at Hidden Springs on our way up.

Here's at the Lynx trailhead

Bruce first time riding with us, long time lurker and a friend of Dunerat and Oni.

Lynx started easy, but the moment we got deep inside, that explains why it's frequented by advanced riders.

View looking down at Upper Big T (if you can see the HW)

Bruce, you're exposed now, time to join the community

Still on Lynx, just taking a break

This trail goes to Monte Christo, but we took the longer and more difficult one.

After this, no more pics until the next stop. Just like the rest of you FFs who have been there before, concentration is key to my safety.

Taking a break, and savoring the fun of riding Lynx

This dood on the left should be on a HD

Today's colors are orange and red.

Pacifico next after this tired body gets his afternoon nap.

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