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Originally Posted by shawn
Its got super-bike acceleration but I had hoped it would do more to the gallon with the carbs being newer technology. If I hammer it to the red line in first and slam the throttle shut its as though the back wheel has ABS and I get a big dotted line behind I've only just got them set up right and the first tank of petrol went in 118miles. That's 31mpg(imperial not American)
If I can't get it to do 40+mpg then they will be going. Good thing is they don't pee petrol all over my feet from the float valves
Great looking bike. Personaly and FWIW I wouldnt attempt a carb swap with out the aid of an air/fuel gauge. Lots of guys have put FCR-MX flatslides (the standard latest generation 250cc + 450cc MX 4 stroke...) on the DR650 and were getting brutal mileage except the bike was running good. With proper jetting via A/F guage mileage increased dramaticaly and the bikes run even better. I have the NGK AFX Powerdex A/F guage. $300 including extra extended SS sensor bungs shipped across a continent. Just sayin'
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