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I got my WRR yesterday and put 175 miles on it since, mostly backroads, some sand, trails and dirt roads. Changed the oil and filter today. The bottom in 1st and 2nd is a little twitchey. The midrange seems kind of flat, but the motor opens up when you hit the upper revs. Of course it is not broken in yet. I ride it like I stole it for break in. I will be ordering a Power Commander this week to smooth out the bottom and free up the middle. I can pull a reasonable wheely in 1st and 2nd when really revved..going over a bump.

Adjusted the suspension and it now soaks up road and off-road buimps fine. I'm 230lbs. Love the fuel injection for easy starts. Brakes are excellent and handling is sharp. Hate selling any bike so have some regrets about selling the DR650 (it left with a new owner today), just a little too heavy for the trails around here and wanted something different.

WRR goes good on the road, and I'm not looking for sixth gear like on the DR, because it has one. The 250 is not stressing at 65, which is a pleasant surprise.

I believe the DR may be quicker, but the WRR has the feeling of speed, probably because you need to ring it out to get moving and because of the lighter weight. Got about 70 mpg approx. so far.

Great to see all the interest in this cool machine.
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