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The Next Day

Alrighty then, after a wonderful night in the Eagle's Claw Campground I was looking forward to more good food at Fast Eddy's!

Joining me for a late breakfast were ADV'rs Pastieman (Brian), Whitney, and Jim Spies all from Anchorage. Jim and Whitney are on their way down to NY and points farther south after Dawson before heading back up.

Since it's only about 170mi between Tok and Dawson, albeit a lot of it dirt, we could afford a very leisurely breakfast.

Between Tok and Dawson lies the little community of Chicken, AK. Supposedly named Chicken because back in the day someone thought it too much trouble to spell Ptarmigan, our State bird. No photos of this stretch because it was intermittent showers complete with a little hail mixed in up in the higher elevations. Got a few nice photos of the area on the return trip tho so read on.

Waiting for some of the better known LONGTIME Alaskan D2D'ers was none other than Dick Van Nostrand, the owner of the Dawson Downtown Hotel. He had come over the Border the night before just to tend bar for a fun filled night in Chicken. He's holding up one of those finger mounted squeegies for added visibility when riding thru the dampness surrounding us. FYI Chicken is the last U.S. gas stop and this "slightly less fanciful" establishment charges 40 cents less per gallon than the much newer place down the hill. Tho truth be told tho, the lower one does have some very nice amenities and such, IF one desires or is in need of such pleasantries.

Now what's that warning sign about? "BEWARE OF ATTACK CHICKEN?!?"

Heading out of Chicken begins the more serious dirt. It was on this stretch that I caught up with my good bud and ADV'r Jim and his 10yo son Mason. It was Mason's first trip ever to Dawson. Jim on the other hand did D2D last year and has been on many of the snowmachine rides/tours between Tok and Dawson in the winter.

Jim is the ADV'r with whom I got reacquainted with last year after 20+yrs when he joined Advrider and pm'd me saying he was buying a GS Adventurer. Here's the ride report on our reacquainting and first ride together last year:

I've heard of some pillions having trouble staying awake on longer trips like this one but Jim told me how MUCH Mason really was enjoying the trip and kept up quite the commentary thru their in-helmet communications.

Jim also made mention numerous times about how glad he was that he'd put a pair of TKC 80's on for this trip. Yep, pretty much the tire of choice up here for those traveling many dirt roads especially if it gets muddy. I'm sure the added traction really helped make for a much more relaxed trip for Jim, especially hauling such valuable cargo.

Here they are in the even smaller Boundary just a few miles before the Border.

Notice how isolated the showers were in the background.

Three amigos on the Top Of The World Highway.

This year's Top of the World pose.

Down to the Border we go. Hope we get through.

Next: Dawson. Mark H.

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