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Day Two:

Mosquitos are some of the most aggressive units Iíve ever had the mis-fortune to experience. They were literally driving us insane. I have no idea why I took this picture.

We didnít pack. We just jammed all our stuff on the bikes and fled as fast as we could.

We figured there was a better place to have breakfast so we rolled out of that swamp and into the desert looking for a spot to regroup.
Obviously the good part about all the recent rain was the desert is washed clean right now, there are very few tracks and all the flowers are out in force. At times, the fragance was so powerful it really smelled just like Motherís Day at the florist.

We had our morning fortitude and rolled out of there. This little playa has played tricks on me before - it looks dry but suddenly turns to a foot of oatmeal. Not today, I rolled it first and radioed back to the fellas ďHit it as fast as you want!Ē And they did.

We rode across this section pretty fast and are now headed for a cold spring to fill the water bags. Not too hot out, in fact the temps are very comfortable and with the new ventilated armor itís perfect.

Some kind of mustard seed weed but still pretty.

Filled with fresh water and rinsed off weíre ready for the rest of the day.

We rode up this hillside for about 4 miles - all uphill and a gain of 4000 vertical feet for the outrageous views. I thought I remembered seeing a track off the south side to another old road that would take us east.

On the summit (8000+ feet) looking south into Nevada. Spectacular clean air and 50 mile views in all directions. We hung out up here until we couldnít take anymore of the ĎSound of Musicí atmosphere.

OK, so there was no track off the south side. This is the only photo I could mange to grab and it looks easy but isnít. There was no dirt right here just stones. Todd managed a decent line off the summit but Brad was foolish enough to follow me and I chose the wrong route by about 50 feet. Ended up almost flipping my machine off a ledge into a pile of rock. This is where you could easily get hurt and ruin the whole thing.

Thatís Todd way down there on the saddle and you can see the Ďroadí weíre trying to reach.

Brad has another version of this section but we made it down and found the route along a drainage that will take us where we need to go. Funny how this area here us usually just dirt because of the cattle but they havenít been turned out yet.

This section is really fun and Iíve wanted to ride it backwards but never had the chance until today. Itís all fun until I look back and no one is coming. Brad radios that Todd (Pegz - weíll explain that later) has a flat.

not a problem or a bad place to do the dance.

This road is an absolute blast riding either direction. Fast, twisting 2-track along a mellow hump for miles.

We hit this pass like weíre racing Erzberg. I have the 525 pinned in places (that thing hauls ass even with all the camping crap on) and am hanging on up the hill to get this shot of the others.

We pull into Fields hungry for lunch and as usual, are not disappointed. I had the best BLT in Oregon. The guy cooking owns this Vtwin 750 qwad that was very tempting to test ride but I chickend out.

Filled with food and fuel we are heading east to meet up with our buddies that should be camped out near another hot spring. Iím hauling ass under this powerline and I see a really bright head light about a mile ahead. The bike is stopped and when I pull up the rider has a pint of tequila in one out stretched arm. Itís IdahoJoe!!!! NO WAY! He actually found us en-route as if we had planned it this way - well, we did kind of plan it. I had emailed him the when and where but still . . .

to the beer coolers!

Icy cold ones for all and Pat brings out the Honda for a hot lap session. Fast friendships were made and lots of good jokes all around.

Too soon Joe was gassing up the 950SE for the run back to Boise. We tried to talk him into staying with us but dedicated professional that he is, refused our offers due to work the next day. Next time I hope he brings Daisy and we get to hang out longer. (Let's get that fall trip on the calendar Joe!)

I gave him my BMC theme sticker and off he went leaving a stitch in the road only a V-twin could make.

What's next? More action!
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