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Tank Progress: I'm getting tired of saying this, but we're close.

The first prototype revealed a few minor issues that needed to be corrected, among them, more clearance for the wheel and chain, more space for the various luggage systems that are around, and a desire to strengthen the tank by making it more curved. We view that as a success, that's why we had it made.

I decided that we made enough changes to the tank that I needed to get another model made, so I did that, and here it is fitted to both a 950 adventure and a Superenduro:

At this point, all the fitment issues are ironed out. We're finalizing a few issues with the model relating to production concerns, then it goes out for final bid, then the roughly 6 week clock starts. Because all that is beyond my control, I can't make a final promise for exact availability, although I'm willing to bet that I'm more impatient than any of you.

The tank is 2.6 gallons external volume, which should translate to a bit over 2 gallons useable capacity (wall thickness taking up most of the balance). It will work on all 950 and 990 adventures, and all 950 Superenduros. It has been tested to work with the KTM luggage, it should work with caribou cases and other aftermarket luggage, perhaps with minor modification to the racks (not to the tank, we hope :-).

The only luggage I'm currently aware of that it will not be compatible with are Jesse Bags, because they curve under the rear number plate and therefore take the same space as the tank- not an easy issue to resolve.

As soon as the tank clock is ticking, I'll turn my attention to the mounting brackets. I'm aware that I need to have an option available for superenduro owners that didn't get passenger pegs- some have them, some not, so it will be an optional piece available at added cost, but a fraction of the $250 that KTM gets for the pegs.

Hope that answers any questions, I'll post an update once the clock has started!
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