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Location: BC, Canada
Oddometer: 289
Day one: Abbotsford, BC, to Castlegar, BC.

Odometer: 14600-15150: 550km (Disclaimer: these maps are rough outlines of my trip for that day: there may be slight deviations in the route. I'll try to get the important ones put in.)

I started the day at my apartment in Abbotsford. I finally got rolling at around 9am, headed for Agassiz, which is just down the road. My parents live there, and I wanted to do a final check, an oil change, and tire pressure check, when I was there.

At home. Thanks to my roomate for the picture.

Well, the trip to Agassiz was fine, the oil got changed, and off I went. The weather had not been cooperative, and I was met with rain from Agassiz to Osoyoos (300km approx). This rain was mainly in mountain passes, so along with the wet came the cold.

Mineral lake close to Osoyoos. I've driven past it many times, but never gotten a picture.

After Osoyoos, I headed further east down the Crowsnest highway. This road I would recommend to anybody riding in BC, especially if they have a bike more capable of higher speeds. Lots of corners and great scenery.

I carried on through Midway and stopped in Grand Forks for fuel.

From Grand Forks to Castlegar was probably the wettest weather I have yet ridden in. Maybe that's not saying much, since I've only been riding 4 months, but still.

It poured, and as I got into Castlegar, I was stuck behind a semi which kicked up even more spray. I got soaked down to my soul. Even though my gear is termed waterproof, it still has zippers and nice little pockets for water to seep into. I also learned that my jacket, a Belstaff, does not include its pockets in being waterproof, other than the fact that they hold water in nicely.

Anyway, I got to Castlegar and found a hotel. I had planned on camping most of this trip, but when you're soaking wet and you know you'll be soaking wet in the morning too, a place to dry gear is appreciated, if not necessary.

I got to the motel and could barely sign the paper. My hands were numb, stiff, cold, and wet.

Gear drying by the heater. Thanks to the staff for the extra towels. My jacket and pants, hanging over the heater, dripped for 3 hours. After that, they were just damp.

A warm bed, a nice shower, and ready to tackle the next day.
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