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Day two: Castlegar, BC to Calgary, AB

Odometer: 15150-15780: 630km

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I started the day at a leisurely 9am. I knew it wasn't going to be that long a day, so I took my time, and it also takes a bit of time to get everything organized after drying everything out the night before.

I'd watched the weather channel in the morning (a common occurrance whilst staying in motels) and saw that the forecast was more rain, and the chance of snow in the passes. I couldn't help but laugh.

The ol' girl saddled up and ready to roll out

Blue skies: that makes for a good day, right? Right?!

Well, I started riding and things were going peachy. I mean, it was raining, but water has never killed that many people, right? Other than flooding, drowning, icebergs, and avalanches.. But, at least I didn't have to worry about icebergs.

As I was motoring up one of the passes, the Kootenay Pass, the tallest pass on my trip, I noticed a sportbike (SV650) pulled off in one of the pullouts. I did a cheerful beep and a big wave as I went past, and see him frantically waving his arms at me. I turn around and go back to see what the matter was. The young man informed me that there was snow in the pass ahead, that it was slippery, cold, and the visibility sucked. He was turning around. I told him that I'd at least check it out.

He gave me a bewildered look, shook his head slightly, and we parted ways.

I headed into the pass, grinning a little bit, and looking forward to what I might encounter. I was a little disappointed. That sportbiker had promised me slush and snow, and all I got was a wet road with some bits of slush in the middle, and snow on the sides.. In any case, it was cold, damn cold, and kinda fun.

The Kootenay Pass: June 7, 2008. Snow? Whatever.

Into the unknown

After that pass, the rain turned a little more spotty, and I kept on riding and grinning. This bike is so gosh darn fun in the mountains. I truly live in KLR country.

The world's largest truck, the Terex Titan. Found in Sparwood, BC. Sometimes I wonder if it would've gotten better fuel efficiency than I through all those passes with all the weight I had on the little piggy.

I carried through to Alberta, where the weather cleared up significantly as soon as I hit the border.

The promised land, at least for the day.

What I was coming out of.

At this point, I hopped back on the bike and pressed the go button.

And pressed the go button.

And pressed the go button.


Checked all the possibles: red shut-off switch, sidestand while in gear, neutral.. Nothing.

My clutch safety was acting up, and it turned out that the way it would start is if I had slight pressure on the clutch as I hit the go button. This worked just dandy through the entire trip when it acted up, which was not often.

Onward to Calgary!

The weather's nice in that direction!


I headed north to Calgary on AB hwy 22. This carries along the side of the rockies, and with that feature, this road brings with it a ridiculous crosswind from the west. On the plus side, the center of my rear tire was spared a little wear for a couple hundred kilometers.

As I neared Calgary, fatigue set in, and I got a little turned around. Those are miserable times, especially after a day of eventful riding.. In any case, I got to Calgary and stayed with some friends from college.

Carl on the right and Chris on the left: brothers-in-law, and great people.

Slept on their couch and planned my next day, which was to be a long one.
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