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Day three: Calgary, AB, to Moosomin, SK

Odometer: 15780-16750: 970km

Well, I started this day quite early, knowing I had a lot of ground to cover. I don't have many pictures for today from different places, partially because I was on a time budget, and partially because it was wet, and less pictures are taken by me when it's raining.

In any case, I was blazing along pretty quickly, taking the Trans Canada Highway, which is not recommended for anyone other than those on two-wheeled highway yachts (Harleys, cruisers, tourers). I saw ahead of me a heavily loaded bike doing about 80km/h in a 110km/h zone. I whipped past him, gave him a big wave, and hoped that he would pull into the same gas station in Medicine Hat, which was just ahead.

He did.

This is Kenneth's bike. He's from Red Deer, and he was headed to Dryden, ON. I was headed there as well, and would be there in two days. He was planning on seven.

His bike is a Honda Rebel 250. It probably had about 200-300lbs of stuff on it, and Kenneth was probably a good 300lbs himself. I now understand why he was going 80km/h. He put $5 of gas in it and was on his way. I had put in $20. I don't know how far he had gotten on his fuel, but I know for a fact he was getting better mileage than I.

AB SK border

Yup. Saskatchewan. Two looong days of this.

I carried on, through Swift Current, and onto Regina. I stopped for Lunch in Swift Current, and got a few comments on my lack of sanity for being out in such rain. I didn't think it was that bad. I mean, my fingers have been more mobile, but I could still smile!

In Regina, I stopped at a Tim Hortons for tea and a bagel. I would have eaten more, but I was so cold and bedraggled that I couldn't fit any more than that into my gullet. It was hard to tear the bagel, my hands were so cold. Anyway, some nice folks inquired about my bike, as did happen a fair amount in Canada, and I got to tell them about it. Those were fun times.

The weather backed off between Regina and Moosomin, and I was able to relax and take some pictures:

The mask deal is a breath deflector, allowing me to close my visor fully without it fogging up, even in the most torrential downpours and humid environments.

And now, you know what Saskatchewan looks like. Never ride across it on a KLR650. Actually, do it once. Then you'll understand.

As I neared Moosomin, the sky blackened. Darker than I had ever seen before. I had to take a picture or two before I headed into it, because it just looked so ominous.

There's a storm a-brewin'.

I wish I was headed that way..

On the plus side, I got to see the most brilliant rainbow ever. It was amazing. The colors were so vivid I'm sure I said "Wow" audibly more than once.

Wet roads, trains, and semis. Mmm good.

It turns out the amount of time I stopped to take pictures was just enough to let the storm pass in front of me. I never got rained on, but instead experienced the joy of wet roads, rainbows, and wet construction, which turned my bike into the dirty pig it really is.

I stayed at another motel. I figured I deserved it after doing nearly 1000kms that day, 75% of which had been in the rain, and 50% of which had been in the pouring rain.

My room for the night was the sketchiest of the trip. The TV took 5 minutes to warm up, the shower was rickety at best, and the soap dispensers were industrial liquid ones: both by the sink and in the shower. No bar soap or shampoo here.

At least it was cheap!

What a long freakin' day.

I slept like a rock.
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