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Day four: Moosomin, SK, to Dryden, ON

Odometer: 16750-17480: 730km

After my slumber, I lubed and adjusted the chain and prepared for another day. The weather looked promising, and I set out with a childlike hope that maybe, just maybe, I would see a day without rain.

SK MB border

I took very few pictures today, mostly because this was my second full day on the prairies, and there are only so many pictures a person can take of flat, grassy areas before they become redundant. I found other things to take pictures of.

Old tractors: these are for my dad. He loves his old tractors.

The KLR was done visiting with the relatives (steam engines and old diesels), and was ready to roll.

So we did. I hit Winnipeg at noon, got a bit of lunch, and realized it was Sunday afternoon. Great. Weekend riders galore.

I noticed on my trip, especially around weekends, when one neared urban centers, the percentage of riders who waved lessened. The dick factor rose as the population densified. There's probably a math formula in there somewhere. In any case, weekend bikers are lame. I hate to say it, but I have very little respect for them, especially if they don't give the time of day to other riders.

Onward and forward! More prairies!

Okay, so it's actually a green bike under red plastic, but I liked the sign, and it meant a gravel road to backtrack on to get to it.

The ground was soft, so I used the ol' stone under the kickstand trick to keep it up. As I was mounting the steed, however, the rock and sidestand connection slipped, and I came very close to dropping that bike in the soft earth. I didn't, but I was sweating.

MB ON border

Northern Ontario is beautiful, but one has to be careful. I did not stop for gas, thinking I could catch another one a little ways up the road. That was a mistake. Them gas stations are few and far between up there in the sticks. I didn't run out of fuel, but I didn't feel comfortable for a while.

I made it to Dryden as planned, and pulled into my stop for the night. I stayed with fellow ADVer and all-around good guy Zzr_Ron. I highly recommend this stop if you're in the area overnight. Give him a shout beforehand, and he'll treat you good.

So good.

Ron, the man behind the steak. This guy was so generous, and his hospitality was greatly appreciated. Basically, he fed me steak, and then kept on feeding me good cigars and beer through the night. I'm not sure if he was trying to kill me or help me, but I felt welcome.

Oh yeah, he rides a KLR too. His was a lot cleaner than mine at the time. As you can see, mine is hiding in shame at being next to such a pristine motorcycle.

The talk, beer, and cigars lasted well into the night, and I fell into a beer-induced slumber somewhere after midnight. Ron had mentioned that he may ride with me a bit tomorrow, so we would see where that went.
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