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Down below Wox collects some barbed wire in the tall grass:

Coulda been a real mess. There was a buttload of wire hidden in this grass.

Pristine ass-hauling two-track:

We came upon a fairly high speed section that was riddled with the trademarked embedded Oregon rocks. I whacked dozens with the front wheel and cussed repeatedly in my helmet, but a heavy duty tube carrying 20psi in the 908RR was apparently sufficient to ward off the flat demons. Not so for Pegz:

This particular section I think they groomed for us. Swooping high speed S turns along a ridge top. Only thing keeping us in check here was our loads and high pressure:

Across a valley, up and down Domingo Pass and we drop into Burgerville. Top notch operation here in Fields. Great service, friendly and awesome food. I even tried a milkshake this time thru. Remarkably I didn't have to make a stop and find the baby wipes in my pack later.


I don't know if you remember or read Wox' "other" Giant Loop RR...
...but we're in the thick of the silt beds cutting across to our destination for a few days when I run over something that looks familiar:

We think this is Pegz' rad shroud that he lost 2 years ago out here!

"We didn't notice the missing radiator shroud till the next morning."

And finally we're at camp and meet up with StihlRigg and N2Moto (Jason and Pat). Pat's got the all-star moto hauler and the beer and food we'll consume for a few days out here. Oh, and Pat can ride the wheels off any machine and fix it if need be... more on that later.

World class hooligan:

IdahoJoe's signature line should be, "oh okay, one more"

The 690SE is a beast and he gave us a full helping of it's beastliness upon his departure. We laughed for about 20 minutes after that! Yep, this is his lingering dust storm:

No shit. It hung in the air for at least 10 minutes...

Now time for a soak:


2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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