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Day six: Jackfish Lake, ON, to South Baymouth, ON

Odometer: 18170-18970: 800km

One thing I forgot to mention earlier about Ron's generosity was the windshield. I had ridden the first 2,000 miles or some such distance with a fairly unfaired bike. Ron had an extra bar-mount windshield that he used to use on his KLR. He was not using it anymore, and offered to let me use it for the trip. I thought it would be nice to try, and Ron let me take it with me to continue on my journey. It sure was nice having so little pressure on my chest, although it turned my already un-streamlined boat into a sailboat. In any case, it was much appreciated it, and it stayed on the bike for a few days (more on that later).

I parted ways with Ron and Steve in the morning and set off on my second last day of the trip there. Steve had recommended a great breakfast stop on the way that had excellent omelettes, so I stopped there and was not disappointed.

I then carried on down the road, through Wawa and onto, Sault Ste. Marie. The road between these two cities is one of the most beautiful in Ontario. You wind along the lake and are overtaken by breathtaking vistas every so often when you round a bend and see the lake again. The downside for the day was that it was fairly fogged in, which happens frequently along Superior.

Old Lady Bay

I have very few pictures for today because my spare batteries had gotten wet (from rain perhaps?) and thus, my camera was rendered inoperable.

I had been wearing cheap gloves with cheaper rain covers to this point, and the seams on the rain covers finally got to the point where they were no longer useful as rain covers (not that they really were useful to begin with).

In this camera-less time, as I crested a hill, I was met with emergency vehicles on the side of the road. At first, I thought car accident, but when I saw no cars in sight, I thought, ****, please not a motorcycle. It was.

I passed by the scene and saw a GS1150A with New Zealand plates upright between the emergency vehicles. I pulled over to check if everything was alright and how the travelers were doing. It turns out they were doing alright. They were riding 2-up, and the pillion had wanted to turn around to get a picture of a nice scene along the lake. They had gotten onto the gravel shoulder which was softer than expected, the front had dug in, and over the behemoth had went. It had landed on the passenger's ankle, it seemed, and paramedics were checking her over.

They were on their way to a Horizons Unlimited meet in BC, and when I saw that things were going to be alright, I headed on my way and wished them the best.

I kept riding through to Sault Ste. Marie, checked a Kawasaki dealer for new rain glove covers. They didn't have any, so I checked the Harley dealer beside them. They did, and they were friendly folks. I paid my $10 happily and headed into the thunderstorm lurking outside while a couple bikers hunkered down in the shop until the water had passed.

Just north of Manitoulin Island

I had planned on stopping at the top of Manitoulin Island and riding down to the ferry in the morning, but the rain had let up, the corners were nice, and the roads were bare. I just didn't feel like stopping, so I didn't stop.


Georgian Bay on Lake Huron

I got to South Baymouth at around 8:30 as the weather started moving in. I had had a fairly dry day, so I thought I would get my tent down instead of staying in another stinkin' hotel room.

I got her set up with 5 minutes to spare before the rain hit, slithered inside, and enjoyed a meal of peanuts, jerky, and Jack Daniels.

I was a day away from my destination, and having the time of my life.
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