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Oddometer: 289
Day seven: South Baymouth, ON, to Waterloo, ON

Odometer: 18170-? (didn't take a reading at the end of the day)

I woke up bright and early, with the sun, as I normally do when camping, and cooked up a little breakfast. I had time to kill prior to the ferry opening or anything like that, so I did as all normal folk would do after they've ridden for the past six days..

I went for a little ride!

It was so nice to ride without all that extra weight on the back. I definitely exploited the light rear and backed it out around some corners, some gravel and some pavement.

Sunrise, sunrise.

At this point, I bombed up some gravel roads, which was not the smartest thing to do so early in the morning. Before I knew it, I was two feet away from giving a deer a KLR enema.

Here I stopped to calm myself down and have a cigar.

What I wouldn't give for a paddle tire..

Huron in the morning

I then packed up camp and headed for the ferry which would take me into Southern Ontario.

I thought it made a good pic. No, I'm not carrying the foosball table, although sometimes it felt like it.

One of them water boats.

Waiting with the other bikes. All Harleys, and all loud.

Strapped down and ready for the crossing.

After the ride, the bikes were let off first, and I snagged the holeshot, not that I'm competitive or anything.. I headed down the couple hours it took me to get to Waterloo without any real events or pictures.

On the afternoon of day seven, I had made it to my destination: Waterloo, my brother's place, with my parents there already.

It was time for a couple days of rest, some times with the family, and a bit of shop time with the KLR.

More later.

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