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YAY, just look at that blue sky! The weather improved greatly as we came down out of the mountains. You can just see Dawson down below along side the mighty Yukon River.

Since I'd hooked up with Jim and enjoy his company so much, I took him up on an offer to share their room in the Downtown Hotel again this year. So there we were, back on Main Street again. Mingling with the masses.

See the gal in the red seeming to be demonstrating her prowess at one legged balance? That's Voni, up from Texas. She's the holder of MANY BMW mileage awards over the years. I was very glad to meet Voni because we're both over on as well. The June issue of 'Rider' magazine even has a wonderful article written by one of the founders of the 'rounders site. And much to my glee, the article contains 4 photos of me riding my KLR with studded tires around our lovely winter wonderland in the "Great White North!" So if you'd like to see even MORE photos of my little KLR, but this time surrounded by pristine but kinda cold white stuff, take a look at this thread:

Had to get a photo of me and Voni! She probably hugged more people than anyone else there that weekend! Voni and her husband Paul had already been touring AK and were now making their way back south.

I really shoulda carried a notebook around with me and taken a photo of every ADV'r I met on this trip! There were many! Over 150 riders this year. Pretty cool. Of course I think it's nice to meet people but I got really excited whenever I met someone with and ADV "handle" I recognized and maybe even posted in one of their threads!

Of course getting together at eating establishments is also a fun activity at these functions and there are a lot of good places to "grub up" around Dawson. One of our favorites is Klondike Kate's. It was at Kate's last year that Jim and I had the first of many pieces of their Bumble Berry Pie. Both of us exclaiming "best pie we'd ever had." Dang it, now I'm hungry again just talking about it!

Here we are sitting around sharing that delectable delight with ADV'rs curty aka Curtis, from Atlanta, GA on the right in the foreground next to Mason and Jim with fellow ADV'r and Anchorage'ite Reverend Don Deitz behind me.

I met Curtis when started a thread in the Alaska forum titled 'May Need A Place To Stay'. Eric, also of Atlanta, one of Curtis' 5 other travel mates had crashed on the way into AK. Luckily Eric was unhurt but they had to wait a few days for parts to arrive. I enjoyed putting them up and showing them around the Anchorage area for a few days. Curtis used to work for REI and Eric still does. I mention this because including the 3 of us from the Anchorage store, it makes for a total of at least 5 REI employees attending this motorcycle function. Not bad for such a supposed "green" bunch, eh?

Coming up: Bike Games in downtown Dawson. Fun, fun, fun, Mark H.

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