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Yikes I’m sure uh, dehydrated this morning. Yeah that’s it, blame the headache on the desert!

Today we are doing the ‘Master Loop’ which is truly a full-spectrum ride. If all goes right we should see everything and use the entire throttle on every machine several times over.

Right out of camp is a super fast 2-track road that I have memorized, there’s only a couple actual corners and you can just pound the crap out of it to the first feature of the day. A water crossing.

I’m all paranoid about water and secretly hope somebody else volunteers to ‘test the water’. Stihlrigg just wades right in and goes in over the boots. He’ll be regretting that later but I for one felt a lot better knowing it was no big deal, that there was no hidden drop-off or anything like that in there.

N2Moto (Pat) goes first:

Then Pegz gets all sassy.

We get this awesome little valley circumnavigational warm up that takes us up off the desert floor and into our first mountain range of the day. It’s almost chilly the air is so cool - or maybe it’s just excitment giving me the jitters.

Sure it’s a little dusty but who’s complaining? No one in this group.

Doing the leapfrog method, we’re in no hurry.
Stihlrigg brought his TE 450 and looks like he’s having fun.

There’s an alpine connector between these 2 mountain ranges and it’s easy to miss, You can burn a ton of fuel looking around up here but we know the route. Next stop, a little homestead up a deadend. We’ll be on the horizon after that.

You never know if guys like the ride, N2Moto is smiling inside that helmet.

No camping gear on the bikes - yeah, we’re free!

That 450 is making Stihlrigg happy. look for the other guy way back there.

Don’t know exactly how long these little flowers will live but they’re at their peak right now.

Successfully transfered to the next mountain range now, we’re heading to the homestead.

Didn't take a photo of this but we had to pass by a very large, black bull. He let me go then SpongeBrad, Pegz and Stihlrigg but by the time N2Moto goes to pass the bull had had enough and he charged him! Quick on the throttle though and out of danger.

Tiny water to park at the homestead.

Came through here once during hunting season and guys were actually using the barn for their horses. not a good idea to cruise this country during ‘season’ though and I don’t now.

Back to the good stuff.

I’ve been through here in rain, lightning, thunder, fog and even snow. It’s always fun but I think this was the best day yet.

The shade of these mahogany trees is a great place to take a break. We’ll be dropping down off the mountain and into the furnace of the desert floor.

Blooming lupine.

Stihlrigg is coasting by at about 45 mph to save fuel.


N2Moto is a great rider, he has a righteous 650R that’s all pimpin’ (among several other MX bikes) and I had told him that he could really let’er rip on this section. It’s about 15 miles of perfect desert gravel that transitions into this baked, white playa bottom. He’s doing probably 50 or 60 mph around this corner and by now I know he’s enjoying the ride for sure!

Some other hooligan:

Pegz cuttin’ a corner.


I didn’t take any shots of the last 30 miles or so but we landed on this little pass before dropping down onto our second playa of the day. This road had been bladed sometime in the last 6 months or so. It had these absolutely perfectly formed berms on the edges of the road. We roosted teh crap out of that sucker. Sorry, no photos of that.

Rolled down to Fields for lunch and fuel. A comfortable 85 degrees.

N2Moto has sampled every kind of dirt surface except for playa until now.

I ran out of image space and didn’t take anymore photos but I’m sure the other guys did. We got back to camp and I spooned on a brand new set of Maxxis Desert IT, front and rear. And I reset my sag to save what’s left of my plate.

What's next? More action!

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