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I donít care what bike you are riding,any machine is better with BRAND NEW KNOBBIES! Iím all jacked up on fresh rubber, the weather, knowing the route (Iíve been dreaming about this one for a few years but never been able to put it all together) and the crew, itís a perfect mix. We roll this familiar powerline to the ĎCrossroadsí and head norte.

We've ridden this and know that it can be horrific silt beds but we are some of the first tracks through here this year and itís perfectly baked biscuit bottom conditions. I roll out a mile or two and set up these shots, each rider knows he can blaze as fast as he wants.

Check out N2Moto hammering it on the rev limiter -

Always wondered where this track went and today we find out. It goes to an old Hollywood cowboy movie set - except itís the real thing.

Works to our advantage as Pegz has broken a bolt on his - you guessed it, foot peg. Lots of wire and flotsam around here to rig up his bike.
From there we continue across an untracked desert road towards the playa.

Old SpongeBrad is feeling all spunky and blows by for a photo opí but on his way back the balding 908 let him down. ďI caught that cool guy!Ē

Here come those Huskies. The radios are a great help if guys are within eyesight or about 3 miles.

The Husky is patched up and Pegz has a bunch of good wire to continue repairing the foot peg until we can get back to N2Motoís fully rigged trailer for proper Easyoutô and tap job. This is only the beginning of an all-star day!

Full-on sand - awesome!

Donít even think about crossing this water. Well, I won't anyway - freaks me out!

So we roll playa and head up into the hills. 15 years ago I met this interesting fella at the hot spring. Riding an old 70ís era Yamaha 175 enduro with a coyote hide seat cover and 10/40 dripping all over the chain, he told us about his favorite one-way loop. Me and my friend Chalkie (an Aussie on an old XR 500) did it and were blown away. I guarantee it will be shut down before long by one group or another but today our goal was to put it together as Carl would have.

And that we did.

This is not GS country, much steeper than it looks. I just didnít want to walk down for the shot angle.

The crux was several hundred yards below this and inspite of it being much easier than it used to be (thanks to Qwads, qwaddling up through here) it was still a challenge and there was no way I was walking down to take shots unless one of the fellas needed a hand - which they didnít.

The payoff -

This is the part that wonít translate but the smaller the machine the better off the rider was.

This was the 4th time Iíve been through here - twice solo - WAY better with some good buddies on a sunny day like this.

Yeah, some guys actually drove a catí up here and built a furnace. Firewood still stacked and ready to start the distilling process. Rugged.

Time to head down and back to camp.

This was supposed to be an easy day off sort of Ďtourí. N2Moto and SpongeBrad have some other photos that contradict that theory.

Gotta kind of freeball this one little down hill section.

But it gets you to this old mining track and youíre good to go.

Down to this little feature. I was actually kind of hot and took the time to soak my jersey. A welcome coast down to another hot spring for a quick rinse off before we rally the desert back to the beer coolers!

I'm out of memory again and took no more shots. I will confess to screwing up the ride back to camp and 'losing' the group. Once N2Moto and I figured out the guys were ahead of us though, we fuking stood on it for a solid 45 minute rally back to camp. That was really fun and I'll never forget that romp across the desert in the evening light. Sorry, no photos.
What's next? More action!
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