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Originally I was planning to haul back to Bend with N2 and Stihl in the motorhome. Got some stuff to do with work, kids and wife miss me etc etc... but I also wanted to press on into NV with he and Wox is pressing me daily with what my intentions are. I was on the fence still. So he tells me that TODAY was gonna be an easy day.

Peg work:

Hollywood movie set:

Buncha hooligans:

N2 thinking about it:

The Alexander mine and orchard above the Playa:

Down below the rocky climb, waiting for Pegz to finish 'er up.

Super loose and big rocks:

Top of the first little climb:


Pat kinda stuck in a creek while on a scouting mission:

Wox says he knows this route, yet immediately we start bushwhacking. Stihl has a big getoff on the way across, not sure if anyone has any pics, but it was kinda gnarly. I missed it dangit.

Anyway, me, Pegz and N2 hang out on the edge of this gully thinking there is no freakin' way we're going up and out of the creek below us. Stihl and Wox come back up the hill after about 45 minutes and say "we found it, let's go" WHATTTTTT? All we can see is some obscure track which we KNOW is gonna be super soft. Oh shit.

Good conversation...

Where we are headed...

The track up and out:


Now I'm no "A" rider like the rest of the crew. AND I have the heaviest bike with the worst tire (next to Pegz' ) and I have to admit I was scared of this climb. I think I mentally F'd myself. But first...

Mr New Rubber Wox:


N2 and Stihl made it up no problem too. The trick was you had to make a bit of a hard left turn past a little tree and goose it. Did I mention it was really soft??

Well just as I figgered, as soon as I goosed the pig my 908 lost traction and I dropped it into the hill. "Little help please?"

Little clutch/throttle action and a couple of mules pulling and it was a piece of cake!

The payoff:


2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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