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Gunga galunga.
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Back down the hill we stop at another abandoned mine:

Then we boogie across the street to the Alvord hot spring. Cover your junk!

We finish up at the HS and fuel up Stihl's bike, blaze down the playa to find some water as we're all a little low. We find a land sailor guy who obliges us (thanks dude) and then we motor back across the playa as fast as our bikes would take us. We're all hungry and thirsty and wanna get back to camp mach schnell.

I was following close behind N2 and Wox, but I had to do 100 across the playa to make it so. At some point I lost sight of them thru the scrub brush and decided to wait for Pegz and Stihl. Two big tracks up the dune told me they went thata way...

We absolutely rip back thru the monkey dunes and double track thinking we're behind N2 and Wox. At the crossroads we see tracks and still think we're behind, not knowing that now they are actually chasing us...

About 7/8 of the way back Pegz breaks the OTHER side of his bike. A quick bailing wire fix again and he's gonna noodle back to camp.


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