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Originally Posted by dwrads
Very nice, thats the kind of ride I love.

Do you have GPS tracks?

Okay, here's the policy because it's bound to come up again. Sharing the GPS tracks for this area would get me in a shit-storm of trouble. Most of it would be super easy to piece together by yourself with some maps and a GPS. Other sections... not so much. Wox has been riding this area for about 14 years and has done all the leg work. The rest of us just followed along. I wouldn't want to cheapen his efforts, so to speak.

OTOH I highly recommend visiting the area and stopping at all the little towns, Plush, Fields, Adel, Denio as well as Burns, Wagontire, Brothers, Riley and every place in between. These people are taking a royal beating because of gas prices. People just aren't driving out there anymore. So get on your scooter and go buy as much as you can at these places because one day soon they could just be a boarded up building by the road. Then what'll we do?
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