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Thank you, all. I'm glad to be able to share it with you.

Another fun filled D2D activity is the Poker Run that takes you up and around many of the active mining claims in the area as well as up to the top of some surrounding mountains for some amazing vistas. I did the Poker Run last year and had a great time but this year I really wanted to spend more time taking in the rich history found around town.

Seems others had a similar idea in that there were many riders just wandering around town taking in the sights. Nearly a dozen of us met up by chance up at the old cabin of Robert Service just in time to hear an informative but yet very entertaining Park Service employee do his 30min presentation on the literary great. And remember, compared to today's population of about 1,800, back in 1898 there were upwards of 40,000 people in Dawson during the gold rush! I would imagine that would make for a lot of material for people like Robert Service to put to pen.

Here's the sod roof cabin of Robert Service.

About a block farther down the street was the cabin of Jack London with a slightly more modern Park Service building just beyond. Hey, look who's on the boardwalk. It's Barb, Mason, and Jim B.

Want a slightly more modern log cabin? How about this one located between the cabins of Service and London?

Being on the banks of the Yukon, travel by the area's waterways played an important part thru history. Sternwheelers like this one were common back in the day.

And here's a paddlewheeler that takes people out on daily tours.

Had enough history? Okay then it's on to the Games!

Well to start off with, I think I was anticipating the bike games a bit TOO much this year as I was fraught with excitement and was very shaky and bombed out of almost every event straight away! I meant to practice the less than common maneuvers after last year's competition. But even bombing out didn't keep me, and everybody else for that matter, from having an absolutely GREAT time!

So just what are these "games" of which I speak? How about a slow bike race, a cone slalom, ball drop, and BLINDFOLD riding for solo riders! And for 2up we have the balloon toss and weenie bite contests.

And here's some photographic evidence of just some of the silly riding done up in the land of the "midnight sun." Of course my photos of the solo competition is a bit limited as I was a very trying and active participant.

ADV'r LostAussie took this one of me in the Blindfold Competition. Silly fun!

I got a few more of the 2up competition.

Here in the foreground are ADV'r Ace aka Jim H. and his pillion Alida (from Eagle!) and Jim B. and his son Mason beside them.

Let's start with the balloon toss. As you might imagine, if the balloons aren't caught, there's a pretty good chance of bike and riders getting a bit wet which can of course be very entertaining.

Hey, who's this?!? Why it's the great ADV'r Katoomer, aka Larry, and a lovely pillion who rode her own motorcycle up from California. Nice form! And would ya take a look at that photog getting himself right there into the action! That's ADV'r warp7, aka Will Rindom, who probably has about a million photos to go thru before his presentation.

Now what's this about a "weenie bite?" Well, here's how it's done by the award winning husband and wife team consisting of the renowned Hackymoto, aka Chad, and the beloved MotoMamma, aka Jeanne. They're at the end of a 9,000mi trip around the States and on their way home in Anchorage, AK.

The games are a lot of fun and I look forward to next year's. MAYBE I'll even give the 2up a try.

Coming up: An awesome Solstice sunset up on the Dome then the trip home.

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