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Originally Posted by rob23

Hey s

If you guys are looking for a real hard trail ride why don't you two guys go ride the Foggy Mountain National Enduro this year 7/20. I bet you don't last 5 miles.. see ya there? yeah, I dobut it! I'll be there putting the hammer down! Do you guys even have a GPS? If not, than you don't get the point of this ride to begin with. It's a navigational and distance challenge that covers all types of terrain! It's not a Dual Sport trail ride!

Doc, let's see you put a ride together that doesn't use an existing route from the PB500 or TNJT or some other route you have. Actually, I know the perfect TNJT for you to ride it's called the Garden State Parkway. Why the hell are you always whining and complaining? No one wants to hear it!

I don't recall asking for anyone's advice or opinion. There's plenty of other rides to do and by all means be my guest and ride them.

Thanks to all that truley appreciate the hard work I put into this but comments like this that I've been getting all the time really turn me off. "Too many cooks spoil the broth."

The TNJT is a work in progress. I have enough data now to make it just the way I want it which will be just peferct for me. If I'm the only one that enjoys it than so be it but don't count on me hosting another run down, group ride or giving out my routes anytime soon.

i enjoy your ride. i ride those routes all the time. i'm just saying the fall is full of good rides all over. i ride NJ every day...

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