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I was up for an easy day too. Mega-miles punctuated by lots of alcohol, heat, dehydration and less than perfect sleep over the last several days have taken a toll on my body. An easy cruise to Denio with the boys will be just fine.

Luckily for Todd, aka Pegz, N2 got his Husky dialed with some JB Weld the night before:

We decided after this that N2 will be coming on all our rides.

We ate like cavemen while N2 wrenched:

Random shots heading towards Denio. Another spectacular day:

We fuel up the bodies and bikes again and bid N2 adieu. We goaded him into a grand exit (3rd gear standup wheelie):

As he tells it, right as he set the front end down some "official" looking truck turned around and chased him out of town. In sticking with his hooligan roots he did not stop and high-tailed it back into Oregon. Nice one .

Heading towards camp we spied some wild burros:

Our destination for the evening:

Right as we pull into camp Pegz' bike decides it doesn't like gas anymore and starts puking it all over his hot bike. Very scary moment. But if he was going up in flames I was getting the shot!

Epic sunset:

Scenery around our campsite:

So Wox' wife apparently bought him some off-brand freeze dried food. This was Mexican "style" rice and beans. From the instant he poured the hot water in we all knew it would be bad. We had a huge teary-eyed laugh for about 10 minutes when he produced this "meal"...


2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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