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After taking a break in that big mtn. meadow we headed to one more view point before descending to the hotspring for a well deserved break.

The road to the viewpoint,

The view point

The view

On the way down--all sunflowers, the'll be gone in a week.

old mine shack

inside-- t&g floor-still in pretty good shape

No more pics for the day

That nite when we got back to camp wefixed up the pegs on the 610


JB weldin the bolts in place.

Sure was great to have N2moto as team mechanic, and his portable pitstop along with us. He said he wouldn't have even tried had I not had the JB weld with me. The holes were all wallowed out so the JB was really the only thing holding the pegs on.

So I played with the camera a little that nite and got a couple of cool pics.
Wox checking out the route for the next day,

moonrise over camp

The next day everyone went to Denio, but since I was pretty sore from the crash the day before I decided to stick close to camp.
After the guys had taken off I decide to cruise the 30miles to Fields and have lunch and a milkshake. I followed the boys tracks for a few miles then turned onto the main gravel road. After about 5 mins. I was bored stiff so I found a turnoff that headed to what I hoped would be the crossroads. Since I was alone and nobody knew where I was I rode mellow and just took in the scenery.

Seems like there was a fire here 2 maybe 3 years ago.

I was right--the crossroads

I came from over the hills in this pic

road to Fields

next stop more road to Fields

Made it to Fields no problems. After eating lunch I am sitting in the shade enjoying a strawberry shake and a good book when these guys pull up on their bikes. 3 dudes 2 bikes, all wearing assless pants. I thought it was the village people. Thats a new Beemer behind the Hardly.

Turns out the dude on the right; his New Hardly broke down about 10 miles away and they didn't have cell reception to call the free roadside assistance program that Hardly is tacking on to new bikes these days. I wonder why they need free roadside assistance on a new bike?

I ran into this dude on the dirt to Fields, he was taking the roundabout way to L.A.

That's it for me. I retraced my rte. back to camp and hung out with a few beers till N2moto made it back from Denio. It looked like it might rain, it didn't, but since we were camped in a dry riverbed we thought it best to mosey on down the road just in case. N2moto was on a roll and we made it to Burns before he needed to crash for the night.

Showers and egg sandwiches in the morning and we were home by noon.

Thanks go out to Woxs for leading us around, and to N2moto for haulin his big rig out there so we could have some big time comfort in the desert.

Till next time, Ride while you can.
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