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Yo Crankster,

what does this get you? A bit more flow and a better tone?

The cat is still in there and it's still mega hot?

I have the Remus Freeride. But I took it off and put the stocker back on. I can't stand everyone turning from a block and a half down to see what is coming roaring down the road and it's just me on my lil beemer.. I like stealth. How am I supposed to get a good shot off when everyone hears and sees me coming?

I will say that just from my "arm scale" that the stocker has about 10lbs on the Remus. I'd like the Remus if it just wasn't so effing loud!

Have you had any thoughts about continuing your surgery to remove the cat from this thing? I remember people doing that on the KTM 950 silencers.

Thanks for the pics. And from one sawzall-master to another... it's all about the sensitive trigger finger.
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