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Best night’s sleep of the trip so far. No bugs and a beautiful morning. We stroll down to the lake and filter water for the day ahead. We have several options but we also have a at least 200 miles of dirt to manage so we’ll see how it goes and make choices along the way.

Headed south in Nevada we intend to stay as high as we can and stay out of the heat in the desert valleys.

We spent the night up in those mountains back there above Gigglepuss pass.

We rode up this canyon next to a raging creek. The first time we came through here we spooked a group of 20 wild horses that ran all over the place spooking us too.

Pegz pegs are holding up.

This was supposed to illustrate the flowers we were forced to ride through. Incredibly fragrant.

We gather up on ‘BUlldozer mountain’ for a short break. Crystal clear skies and cool air, the bikes are running strong and we’re looking forward to the rest of the day.

That’s the Quinn River arm of the Black Rock Desert down there. Originally, I was hoping to traverse those mountains and loop around south to Gerlach but maybe next time.

This machine is all there. Wonder if someday a guy will come up with a battery and some starting fluid to drive it away.

One of our options is that canyon country on the horizon. Very challenging trails through there that can take several hours to make it through. It’s starting to heat up and we decide to forego the rocky country for the enjoyable high-speed rollers that will take us to Adel, OR and hopefully fuel and lunch.

Down off the mountain.

Easy riding that allows us to really make some time. Looking back on it now, there’s no way we would’ve made our destination goal if we had taken the rougher route.

Cool stands of mahogany and the road is as fun as anything. We can see through most of the corners and are just hauling ass through here.

Crazy cartoon yellow flowers surround this playa.

This was fun but still tiring. We still have 120 miles to go and really hoping for lunch in Adel. These dirt spouts were weird and cool.

My bag system is working perfectly. I haven’t had to mess with it at all - just pack up and go.

We drone the dirt road up to Adel and as usual, the weird, grumpy, lazy old proprietor refuses to fry us up a burger. “Too late, out of food, no lunch after 2pm, and about a thousand other petty, freaky, stubborn homemade signs that adorn the depressing interior of this unwelcoming place. I only wish I had to take a dump so I could’ve left a turd here.

From here we are going to explore some new country and that requires a bit of pavement. I’m singing good bye knobbie in my helmet.
We had a great ride up to this deadend. A really fun track to a communication station. The map said it goes the gps says the same but they both lie.

We had to do a little bit more pavement, it was at least pretty, to this track along a drainage the took us back up into the mountains.

This was fun.

Nice and cool up here even if we don’t know exactly where we’re going.

We’ve traversed the mountain and according to our info these big old logging roads should take us right down onto hwy 395. This is a dead end, one of many we explored.

This one turned into a very faint qwad track that appeared to go down off the mountain.

I sure hope this goes through.

And so it does. A little dicey in there for a few miles but end up on the dreaded pavement and head towards Paisley. No gas at Valley Falls (closed at this hour)

So we confer the map again and looks like we can skip the asphalt for a loop around the Chewaucan swamp and connect to Paisley via dirt. SpongeBrad is out ahead there somewhere.

Yes, that is a swamp down there.

Here come Pegz. Looks all soft and smooth huh? Well it’s not. The surface is all softball sized cobblestones. I thought I’d just slice off a corner and almost ate crap bashing off the hidden stones. Later in the year, the grass will die off and it’ll be easier to see.

Which track? Take your pick, they both go to the same place.

Spectacular light at this hour. We figure we’ll make it in time to get fuel and continue to our goal of Summer Lake Hot Spring.

One problem with coming into towns is you start to run into private property the closer you get. This track petered out into a messed up water diversion program area. Todd and I struggled across this feature but SpongeBrad was smarter and blasted through a little swamp, avoiding the stones.

We make it into Paisley in time to buy fuel(s) and have a burger. Pegz picks up a flat right in the gas station and does the repair. He rolls down the road to test it out only to discover it’s flat again. Says he’ll just spend the night right here by the football field.

Me & Brad wish him luck and (I really don’t know why) split for the hot spring. 7 miles of torturous pavement to the springs and we learn they want $25 to camp out. There’s a big hippy festival with live music and all that but I’m beat and so is Brad. We elect to ride out into the sage and pitch our tents under the full moon. This thing was just layin' there (I didn't yank it out) and I need a stone or something for the cheap ass stock kick stand.

It was a much better/cheaper idea and again, I slept like a mummy. 243.7 miles - whew.
What's next? More action!

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