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The ride home. Brad was up early and I couldn’t sleep anymore, looked like the weather might be changing. It actually rained for about 2 minutes last night. Kinda windy for a bit, had the gas shut off and parked the bike far enough away so that if it fell over it wouldn’t land on my tent.

We’re gonna take a new route home today. Skipping Christmas Valley and all those rocks in Fandango and Diablo. Should be nice, could be confusing, will probably be high-speed.

The route should take us up on top of this rim and through a nice, cool forest over toward Silver Lake. We shouldn’t need fuel.

I have these little succulent-type flowers on our place. They last about a week and that’s it.

So we call Pegz and the report is the tire is fixed! He’s on his way to meet us at Summer Lake Hot Spring. The party goers are slowly emerging from their blown down tents and tee pees. I guess the wind was nukin’ last night and it wreaked havoc on the festival.

Hmmmm, weather’s changing.

So we re-group and take off for the hill. That Honda is coming down the road and not sounding good. Something is not right. Brad had been having electrical issues with his Baja Kit and best we can figure is that is the source. The weather is deteriorating and Brad makes the call to home.

That’s a Husky towing a Honda the 5 miles back to the hot spring. Sad to see Brad being left behind but his boys are all jacked up to drive down here from Bend and ‘rescue dad!’ so it’ll be fine.

I’ll let him explain the bikes’ problem.

I’m waiting up on the hill and you can see this squall roll through on a wicked wind. Had to find a tree to lean my bike against as the thing would just be blown over.

So we thought it best to stay off the edge of teh rim country as it was looking like lightning. We toured this strange single lane paved road ‘till I was ready to slit my wrists. I HATE PAVEMENT!

Pegz tire is now running on the carcass.

Last year I was in this area and found this little gem. It doesn’t say anything about 'no dirt bikes' and since we were not roosting or anything figured it would take us somewhere.

This turned out to be one of those great days of riding. I couldn’t believe this single track. Wish Brad was still with us dang it.

I have an idea where we are (sort of) and hope to return to do the entire sequence.

There were a few challenging switchbacks.

It was excellent riding and I’ll surely come back for more of this area.

Headed north towards Fort Rock. Haven’t ridden this particular area since ‘92 and yet it still looks familiar.

This was almost like skiing untracked powder at Jackson Hole - so smooth and fast, soft and swervy.

There’s Fort Rock. We’re only 80 or 90 miles from home. Over those hills, across hwy 97, up a powerline across a couple paved roads and that’ll be it.

Bumped into these 2 participants of a LobosMC Dual Sport club ride.

Cool and weird place.

This was a gas. About a hundred water bar jumps coming off Newberry Crater and down to hwy 97.

Still a crap-load of snow above 5000’ here in our neighborhood. Just after this shot, it started raining and we didn’t care. I could get completely soaked and be quite happy about it knowing we were only 40 miles from the barn.

Last shot of the trip from me. Had to hop over the tracks and roast these super fun dirt roads towards town.

It was a really great trip. Can’t wait for the next one!
Wait till you see what's next!
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