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Originally Posted by Primo
Oh the horrible voices and inhumanity.
Worst thing was, i had to go to Germany the next day on that bike and it was evening already.
So i opened up the engine again and discovered not so good news.
The metal stopper ring came off and spring was cut in pieces and the little knuckles ing the s-clutch were all over the place.
I think I made a similar mistake when I did mine, the circlip that holds the s-clutch in place in the hub on the flywheel can easily go in the wrong way - there are actually tiny slots in the tabs on the top of the s-clutch that the tabs on the circlip are supposed to go through. However the circlip also fits in the wrong way quite nicely with it's tabs going between the tabs on the s-clutch.

When I took mine off again the circlip had come out but luckily nothing had strayed far.

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