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Originally Posted by mtrcycllvr
Holly shit - Day 6 sounds EPIC...

Didn't realize that the black rock desert thing was where Burning Man was held

there in Fort Rock at the bar with the green roof you can see in the background.
Again, GREAT ride report.. Hey, you figure "pegz" is gonna run a little more air in his tires next time? I count, what, THREE flats?

I'd try a few more pounds and live a little more on the skittish side, myself..

Thanks - each day was fun, 6 was really long.

Yeah - Burning Man, the primary reason there are so many locked gates and BLM Wilderness Study closures now IMHO. Oh well.

I saw bikes parked outside that place but we were trying to git'er done and finish up.

We all ran 20 - 25 lbs the whole time. Pegz just had some bad luck and an old back tire to begin with. I started out with a set of Maxxis Desert IT that were about 50% gone. Figured I'd burn'em up on the way out and slip on a fresh set once we were in the goods out there. Worked out well except for the pavement on the way back, still . . . nothing like new tires out there and nothing will survive an entire trip like this. Well, unless a guy were to just putt around I guess - which is impossible!
What's next? More action!
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