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Gunga galunga.
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So yeah, hippie-fest at the hot springs. Here comes Tron walking amongst the Dead-Heads:

And Sir Gaylord of Wox ordering up a scrambled egg sandwich:

So I had some bike issues upon leaving the hot springs. All of a sudden my bikes starts sputtering and didn't wanna go much over 30mph. Wox and Pegz are gone up the road so I figured I'd ride up to them and sort it out. It dies completely as I make the turn to the boys.

Immediately I'm thinking it's electrical because the day before my headlight stopped working when the bike wasn't running and my hard-wired GPS was getting all wonky. I'm thinking for SURE we're gonna find some bare wires under my seat or something askew behind the headlight. (It's a Baja Designs kit, yes)

Anyway we find nothing, I call the wife and the kids are all excited to go to the hot springs. They've been there a few times now. The weather is turning to absolute crap, windy and starting to rain pretty good.

Pegz tows me back to hippie fest and I hang out in the wind and just wander around and watch tents and canopies get destroyed. I'm putzing about for about 2 hours and suddenly I have an epiphany. Hmmm.... walk over to the bike and check under the carb. Sunuvabitch. Full choke. Guess what, turned it off and the bike fires right away. AAAAAGGGGGHHHH

No turning back for the wife and kids now. It's hot spring time.

That's the THIRD time I've forgotten the choke now. I think I turned it on when Wox and I broke camp, forgot to turn it off and rode the short distance to the hot spring. Didn't load up, but as soon as I went to leave after starting it the second time it was immediate. I'm still a dumbass.

Well it all worked out in the end. Had a good soak with the wife and kids and a good meal in Paisley at the Pioneer Saloon.

Happy kids:

Not so happy tire:

All in all a great trip. Can't wait for the next biggun!

Another disclaimer for my dumbshitedness: Now I have no lights, turn signals, horn, etc... even with the bike running. So I in fact DO have an electrical problem that I just spent the better part of 2 hours with N2moto trying to fix. Bike still runs though.

Thanks for reading!

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